Thursday, 13 January 2011

Luxury biscuit packaging

I've been browsing luxury biscuit packaging.

I really like how colours have been used to distinguish each range.
I'm not overly keen on the idea of using photography on the packing, but I do
like how it's bent to be visible from above and on the front of the packaging.
As it stands, this is similar to what I've got in mind. It's interesting to see where the type and image is placed. It's inspiring me to think of different ways in which I can display the packaging information.

Although I can't say I like the shape of the packaging too much, I do like the way in which a window has been applied to be able to see the product inside of the box. It's nice to be able to see exactly what you're buying. I've had this idea lingering also, and I like how it's folded to appear on almost two sides of the box. It makes it more interesting.

These lovely pieces of packaging gave me the idea of the range of packaging I could design to fit different places that would sell these biscuits. The biscuits are not luxury biscuits, though they're nice biscuits and will be sold at a reasonably expensive prices in coffee shops.

Usually, biscuit packaging in coffee shops consist of 2 or 3 biscuits. I want to be able to cater for this because this is just the case; people usually just want a couple to have with their hot drink. Packaging for a higher number of biscuits is still an option. They could still be sold in coffee shops for those who enjoy the 'taster' couple they consume. If the customer wants more, they can purchase a bigger pack.
Alternatively, they could also be sold in supermarkets, though this may change my target audience.

I wanted to see what other materials could be used as packaging.

These are beautiful. They're so simple but still look really inviting and clean. I think they look a lot more upmarket and special than a box. The customer can clearly see inside the packaging which makes it a lot more tempting to purchase.
I particularly like the Franks packaging (at the bottom). The tags are a lot nicer and are a lot more eye catching than what appears to be stickers on the other see-through packaging. The tag also covers most of the bag, which is probably because of the scale of the biscuits, but I think it looks a lot nicer and comes across more of a 'luxury bite'.

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